Our plant breeding activities are based on world-wide market demands for vegetable seeds. The requirements of growers and consumers determine the varieties and characteristics of our hybrid seeds.

The strength of research is derived from its fast track programs and adaptive trials in key agro-climatic zones that can deliver customised products. With breeding and trial stations located in key agro-climatic regions across the world, our breeders strive to develop products suitable for global markets. Apart from conventional breeding and screening techniques, modern molecular tools (Marker Assisted Breeding) are extensively used in developing competitive products with strong commercial value. A strong plant pathology program supports development of products with multiple disease resistances, to overcome hurdles in agricultural production.

When developing new varieties, our breeders place importance in combining traits to combat biotic and abiotic stresses. Our hybrids are meticulously evaluated by our product development teams in various locations under real-time growing conditions. Products are tested in different agro-climatic zones during several seasons to assess product suitability prior to commercialization and release into trade channels.

Our top-quality research programs based on dynamic consumer preferences are focused on developing value-added products in tomato, eggplant, hot pepper, sweet pepper, watermelon, melon, cucumber, squash, pumpkin, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, ridge gourd and sponge gourd. Our persistent and intensive research efforts have resulted in a new stream of value-added next generation products which enable us to stay ahead of the curve.

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