Hybrid vegetable seeds are available to growers through a network of importers / distributors across target markets under two brands BHANDARY SEEDS and INDOSEM. Dedicated seed distribution houses aggressively market our products through intense field activity supported by a technically strong field force.

Bhandary Seeds maintains close ties with all its channel partners. We believe that helping each channel partner to succeed and prosper makes us a stronger company. With a mature research program and a strong appetite for growth, Bhandary Seeds continues to explore new markets and looks forward to develop business relationship with new partners. We value long-term business relationships with our clients and work with them closely in evolving and delivering useful seed solutions to farmers and to the general advancement of vegetables business to eliminate hunger and meet nutritional requirement of populations we work and live with.

We provide an excellent opportunity for select third party brands to outsource their research needs. This unique business model of supporting third party brands has been well received by several large industry players who benefit from our research efforts and are partnering with us to grow their own businesses.

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